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Butler, PA TCN Music
Cars, cars and more CARS!

You've made it to one of my FAVORITE pages! I am an OLD CAR BUFF! Yep, dat's right, the THom-Guy LOVES old cars. Every chance I get, I go to events where old (or classic) cars will be shown. Taking along my trusty digital camera, I shoot as many pictures as I can of all the wunnerful cars.

Since I am trying to make this "portal" as user friendly as possible, here's what I have decided to do. I'm just going to put a bunch of thumbnails here, and then on Page #2 and so on, until I have put all of my pictures on to this website....If you want the original of a particular photograph, just e-mail me with the name of the picture that you want (be as specific as you can), and I'll e-mail you an original copy - FREE OF CHARGE!