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While I am still working on this page, I did want to post one item that I think most GUYS will find quite useful! It's a KNOWN fact that we guys are almost fanatical about our remote controls. Some more than others. There are guys out there who want one remote to run every thing they have. The THom-Guy is NOT one of those guys. I want my individual remotes for all my stuff. Only one prollem with that....if you buy one of these "universal" remotes, you are NOT gonna get what you need (in most instances). You need a remote that works JUST LIKE YOUR OLD one! Right? Well, here is a place you can go to and find the ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT remotes that are the lifeblood of any true red-blooded guy who watches any TV at all! Check it out! They provide lists of so many original remotes it is almost unbelievable.....once you have ordered, they get your NEW remote to you so fast you, it will seem to be there before you finish ordering it on-line! (Really, they get 'em to you post haste guys!) Anywho, that is the first "listing" on this page that I hope will provide lots of new information to all who visit. Also, I am going to be putting some links on here to my favorite sports teams, a chat lounge where we can gather to talk sports and lots of other stuff. Hope you will stop back...

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