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Butler PA Hilliard Jefferson Elementary, Knoch High School

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This is the Bermuda Triangle period of my life....c'mon...admit have one of these too, don't you??? Of course you do....It's that period of time where you have ABSOLUTELY no idea what in heavens name is going on in your life and, even if you did, there prolly wouldn't be a whole heckuva lot you could do about it! ! !

I had gotten out of the service....driven back to Western Pennsylvania....and found a job as a FIREFIGHTER (of all things), at our local VA Hospital. Now there's a scary thought! Me, supposed to be putting out fires and PROTECTING folks! Talk about fate having a VERY strange sense of humor! (hehehehe)

Anywho, I was working there, living in Harmony, Pennsylvania (a rather historic place) and just kinda stumbling along. Then, I got tired of stubbing my durn toes! I wuz in a dead-end relationship...geez, like that ever happens to anybody... was just plain exhausted from the whole situation and decided it was time to go! I wuz outta here....all I gotta do first is tell her that I'm leaving...right....that's all I gotta do.... you get the idea. That wasn't going too well.....So, to solve this little prollem, I fell back on one of the time-tested remedies all creative folks seek out IMMEDIATELY when attempting to sneak out the door - I just packed my stuff and POOF! I wuz outta there! (Feeling pretty crappy about the way I had "handled" the whole situation too....)

That led me to two discoveries. First, even when a relationship has gone down the toilet, the first time you spend away from that person is JUST as difficult as if you were still involved with someone you still cared about! (Go figure!) Second, I learned that it is NEVER too late to follow your dreams. And so it was that I was actually headed towards my first job opportunity in radio - working as a BROADCASTER! (Who would, or coulda, figured that one wuz coming, eh?)


(Not interested in my time in radio? Then, why not head to the REAL STUFF! ! !