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Butler PA Hilliard Jefferson Elementary, Knoch High School

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Radio Daze!

I just KNEW I would forget to tell you about something VERY important that happened during my days in the Air Force! Ya see, what happened was this....during my last six months of service, I was given the opportunity to take some training. Now, since this "training" was available for FREE, and since I would be given time off from work and I would STILL get paid, it was an easy choice to get some training. The big prollem wuz making an actual choice.....What kinda training should I get????????? (Ya think I spent a lot of time thinking about it? Ya bet yer butt I at least ONE severe headache! hehehehe)

Anywho, to make a long story even longer! I decided that I wanted to attend a Radio Broadcasting and Licensing school. Seems that I've always had a gift of the gab (See "Basics about Thom") and now they were willing to pay for training that would let me TRY to be a radio announcer (okay butt-wheat - Disc Jockey) for a living....

Hmmmm...think I'd better shorten this story up! Got the training (in 1974) and then, four years later, FINALLY got my first job in radio....a part time job at WWCH Radio (a little AM station in Clarion Pennsylvania)...After working for the cheapest old fart ever, I moved to Tampa, Florida and, while I'd love to tell you I got a job working in radio there, it wasn't happening! I worked at a Visa/Mastercard center - those folks who LOVE to tell you a charge has been turned down because you are over your limit! (Not realll proud of that job except for one thing - I was paying my bills!)


(Not interested in my time in radio? Then, why not head to the REAL STUFF! ! !